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It's Not Rocket Science

“Engineers love sharing spectacular failures on the way to surprising success, because they consider each failed experiment as a tool in their toolkit, something they now know not to do.” - It’s Not Rocket Science by Mary Spio
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Helpful Coda 2 Tips

I have been using Coda 2 for a while now and like most people I probably only use about 5% of Coda’s awesome features. In our day to day workflows we as developers rarely have time to dive deep into the tools we use. We figure out the bare minimum to get coding and we are off.→ Read More

Why We Hate Internet Explorer

Hipster Creative takes pride in our cross browser compatibility and testing, but we don’t gaurantee that every browser will render your site perfectly. Unless you specifically ask otherwise, we only support IE 9 and later. But why?→ Read More

Doctor Framework Love, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Code

Ah frameworks, the evergreen topic of many a blog and podcast. It seems that every so often I encounter a strong anti-framework stance, be it CSS, JS, PHP, Ruby, etc. etc. The bottom line is: Using a framework creates technical debt.→ Read More

Why Responsive?

Not everyone can be into things before they hit the mainstream. I forgive those who still think that liking the movies Choke and Fight Club make them so original, even though they never read the books that proceeded them.→ Read More

Be All My Bits Committed

To coffee, or not to coffee, that is the question: Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer The fuzz and fatigue of outrageous php Or to take reports against a sea of regressions, And by testing end them. To code, to debug;→ Read More

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