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It’s Not Rocket Science

February 24, 2015Lee Hilton

“Engineers love sharing spectacular failures on the way to surprising success, because they consider each failed experiment as a tool in their toolkit, something they now know not to do.” –It’s Not Rocket Scienceby Mary Spio

One of our all time favorite people, a fantastic client and inspiring visionary, recently published her latest book. It’s Not Rocket Scienceis a no-nonsense look at how grit, determination and focus live at the core of every story of success (and failure). The above quotation really hits Hipster Creative as deeply insightful and demonstrates that Mary truly understands engineers and creators, which makes sense as she has been both for the majority of her life.

We have had the pleasure of working with Mary on multiple projects over the years and our relationship has been a source of joy, challenge and growth. Before Hipster Creative, I operated as a single developer consulting business and first met Mary as a sub-contractor on a project she was working on. When I transitioned to a fully staffed creative studio, Mary ended up becoming one of our earliest clients under the Hipster Creative banner.

I haven’t had time to read the entire book yet. It only arrived yesterday and I first cracked the cover this morning. I am already finding that isolating the best quotes is difficult. The whole thing deserves quotation thus far. To prove this point to myself, I randomly jumped ahead to a page in the middle and found yet another gem, one that I will bookend with:

“A job, career or business is the primary way for you to express your greatness. Your professional endeavors should align with your passion, your potential and your purpose. When you are living your greatness, your work becomes your life’s reward.”

Mary, congratulations on the wonderful book. It has been a fantastic journey working with you so far and we look forward to our continued adventures together.

It’s Not Rocket Science is available in hardcover or digital fromAmazon and Barnes & Noble.

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