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Why We Hate Internet Explorer

February 11, 2015Margaret Hilliard

Hipster Creative takes pride in our cross browser compatibility and testing, but we don’t gaurantee that every browser will render your site perfectly. Unless you specifically ask otherwise, we only support IE 9 and later. But why?

IE doesn’t follow the rules.

You’d be amazed to see how much time can go into getting a site to look right on IE. We can test it in Chrome (which is usually the first browser we work on), and it will look fine in Firefox, Safari, and even Opera if we’re feeling especially thorough that day. (Seriously though, who uses Opera? Anyone?)

Then we open Internet Explorer and our whole day is ruined. Need proof? Behold, our brand new on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE 8.

From a web development standpoint, this is a huge issue. It would be different if it were just a few alignment issues (as can sometimes happen between Chrome and Firefox, for instance) but with IE, literally everything must be fixed! Meanwhile, as I’m writing this blog, IE 9 gives us the menu bar, but the rest of the site is blank. IE 10 and 11 corrupt the photos. You can see how this would be a huge time sink for us and a massive budget factor for users which only increases as we support older iterations of the browser. Microsoft has been doing some amazing work lately, and we are hopeful that IE will continue to trend towards good user experiences.

How does Hipster Creative combat these issues? Stay tuned for our follow up post!

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